Timber Frame Benefits

Timber frame is a widely used and versatile form of construction. The speed of construction using timber frame can reduce your project by weeks and greatly reduces the costs that are usually associated with high quality homes.

There are many benefits to using timber frame over more traditional methods of construction:

  • It is environmentally friendly. Timber from FSC-certified sources is a carbon neutral sustainable resource.
  • Timber is a non-toxic, organic and naturally renewable building material.
  • Timber frame is thermally efficient gaining high ‘U’ values.
  • Energy costs are reduced due to the effectiveness of it’s insulation.
  • Improved acoustic insulation.
  • Timber frame is light and easy to transport.
  • It is flexible in terms of design with a huge range of designs suitable to timber frame.
  • It complies with the Code for Sustainable Homes, achieving and exceeding the required standards easily.
  • It is fast with off-site construction minimising on-site delays due to bad weather etc.
  • The build programme including follow-on trades is easier to guarantee.
  • It is a ‘dry’ method of contruction reducing the drying out time associated with other types of construction.
  • It is precision engineered, guaranteeing accuracy.
  • It offers a lighter form of construction which can be of benefit to foundations especially where the ground conditions are poor.
  • It is cost-effective with lower build costs. Factory fabrication enables costs and prices to be controlled and fixed
  • Waste is reduced.

Contact us now to find out how your project can make the best use of the benefits of timber frame.  We offer a wide range of timber frame services to homeowners, selfbuilders, manufacturers and contractors. To find out more about our services (which include design, supply and erect) please see our timber frame services page.