Passivhaus Design

At Progressive Design & Build we have always taken a sustainable approach with a focus on high performance buildings. We firmly believe in the benefits of the Passivhaus approach and to further develop our understanding we have worked hard to achieve the title of certified European Passive House Designer. This gives us confidence in our ability to achieve this demanding standard. Passivhaus is a German standard which aims to provide a high level of comfort with minimal energy use for heating and cooling. It is the leading standard in construction for energy saving world-wide. To find out more about what Passivhaus is, please visit our Passivhaus information page.

Passive House InsulationOur own experience in high performance buildings is largely through the use of timber frame and SIPs and we believe these to be highly appropriate construction methods for Passivhaus builds. The ability to insulate between the studs of timber frame, and the insulation acting structurally in SIPs, allow the insulation requirements to be met without the same massively deep walls which would be required with traditional brick and block. Timber frame and SIP structures are both typically designed and fabricated off-site in a factory. This allows much higher levels of accuracy to be achieved which is crucial when applying thermal bridge free design and aiming for such low airtightness targets.

In addition to our in-house Certified Passivhaus Designer, our construction team are experts in applying the Passivhaus principles during the build process in order to generate comfort and security for you. We are passionate about Passivhaus design and building to Passivhaus standards where possible. These standards can be met through a well-insulated envelope, high performance windows with well insulated frames, thermal bridge free detailing, an airtight building fabric and highly efficient heat recovery ventilation system.  Interested in Passivhaus and want to find out more about how we can help?  Contact us to find out more.